Make a change!

Q: What’s the hardest thing about making a change?

A: Sticking to it!

Faddy diets may well work short term (mainly because you’re losing fluid rather than body fat), but they aren’t sustainable long term, and once you go back to how you used to eat, you may find that the weight goes back on, and then some.

Or even if you lose weight in a sensible way and with support, how many times have you found that you go back to your old ways once you go it alone?

Support, motivation, understanding, education, encouragement, fresh ideas, clear and simple advice….. these are things that you need to keep going and stay on track.

For just £5 per calendar month, you can get all of this from me via my Be Healthy Challenge closed Facebook group. Use it like a food diary and a support group, in order to stay on track and make the most of your life.

With the opportunity to buy recipes, or weekly menu plans as and when you need them from £2.50, it couldn’t be simpler.

And *New* for April 2019….. exclusive T&B exercise videos and challenges included in your £5 per month!

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